Friday, February 5, 2010

New KISS trading cards "Legends" (Feb 5)

Press Pass ready to unleash Legends of KISS set

Press Pass' strong run of trading card sets dedicated to the music legends KISS isn't even close to a finale.

Up next on the company's set list is Legends of KISS, a 100-card themed set that tells the story of the band through their own words - a set that, when placed in pages, tells the story from card to card.

The set will include the first cards to bearing both a concert-worn memorabilia swatch and an autograph - KISS Kuts - while there will be another helping of autograph cards to lick, err, pick up.

Also new will be a six-card set of pop-up cards as well as a few parallel sets - First Edition (limited to 25) as well as cyan, magenta, yellow and black Proof Edition Parallels.

Legend of KISS is set to arrive on April 21.

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